Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Update Time

Well it's been awhile since I've posted anything up... this will actually be the second time posting hahaha, so I guess I should probably use this blog. I've been working on multiple projects, both big and small. I've done a bit of moving around so that took me out of commission for awhile. From my last post to now I've moved across 4 provinces and back, and finally here in London to start fresh.

I've been working and learning alot of new stuff and trying to stay up to date on all my skills. I felt it was time to buckle down and actually learn some html and web skills. With the help of one of my friends in the Multi-Media Design program I finished up my first portfolio website. The portfolio site can be found here... please be gentle... it's my first site haha. Theres alot of work on there that I've yet to upload onto the blog so check it out!

I've also been brushing up on my Photoshop skills, doing some more painting. I found a really awesome program that helps to get a really clean line when using your tablet in Photoshop. I've been searching for months to find some kind of 'Lazy Mouse effect (found in ZBrush) for Photoshop and I've finally found an independent programmer who made a nifty little program. It's called LazyNezumi and the website can be found here. It makes me actually look like an artist of some kind lol.

This is the most recent work I've done in Photoshop, finishing it up yesterday. Having recently reviving my band AFallenHero, I've made some new designs for t-shirts. This is my first t-shirt design attempt for my band.

I've also finished up the Terran Space Marine pic that I was working on earlier. This was done before I discovered LazyNezumi so you can see a difference in the linework.

Along with the digital painting, I've been trying to upgrade my graphic design hand by designing and doing up shows for concerts in the area. I've been doing this for a friend who puts on the shows. I've been proud to do these flyers for bigger bands that I know and love myself... bands like Within the Ruins and Ion Dissonance. Here's a few samples of the flyers I've been doing.

Obviously with a shirt design there has to be a band to back it up. Since the band has started up again we've made some line-up changes, wrote all new songs, revamped our image, played some shows and are currently recording a new demo. I revamped the myspace and I'm still working on it and trying to learn the code. You can check AFALLENHERO on myspace here.

Staying in touch with 3D has also been a priority for me, as I have been helping a friend work on an independent film project. I can't say alot about it but I can still show off some of the work I've been doing for it. I'm responsible for all of the 3D environments and some 3D effects for the film. It's pretty easy to figure out what it's about by looking at the pics. This is all basically fresh out of the concept stage so there has been no texturing or detailing done, it's just basic shaders and lighting.

Lastly I've finally taught myself how to use Zbrush to try and get with the times by creating high poly, high detail, scultped 3d models. I tried to follow the video game pipeline by making a low poly mesh and using high poly normal maps to get a great look with fast render and performance.

This is my 3D character I created and detailed in Zbrush.

I devoted a page to him on my portfolio website. You can check it out here.

Anyways that's all for now. Check back for some more updates!

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Tooninator said...

the t-shirt design works well as a graphic piece. The colours work and the busy design is bold